Justin Baldwin: Head flash, graphic, and 3D designer, site manager.

Skills: Flash, 3D Graphic Design, Winamp Design, Web Programming, Writing Music and Sound Creation.

E-mail: SNEGATIVEMAIL@aol.com

Favorite Bands: Aphex Twin, Deftones, Chimaira, Machine Head, Sevendust, CKY, Nine Inch Nails, Soulfly, Tool, and Cold.

Favorite Video Game: Hitman Codename #47 (PC)

Favorite Old School Game: Earthworm Jim, Super Punch Out

Hobbies: Sitting on my computer like a loser making games for you guys, Writing music in my band, Um...yea.

Favorite Site: www.machinehead1.com

2001 Justin Baldwin (System - Negative / Phyre Damage)