System-Negative was started in the minds of Justin Baldwin, James Zacher, and Brandon Perdue. It all began with these little stick figure flip books we used to make with Pepsi note pads we got from the Internation Marketing room in high school. We would all try to make the worst thing we could think of, like stick guys falling into wood chippers, getting run over by roto tillers, and tacoing on a skateboard with devastating results.

After a while we thought "Hey lets make a website of this shit!." The idea was born! Brandon and Justin being web designers and James having a sick mind the site came together with no problems. After we made a few games like "Local Evil" and some other unmentionable games that sucked, we realized that the stick shit was only funny to us (very funny). But by then we were good enough at flash to make the games we do now. Granted, some still arn't that great but we are very proud of our current work.